What’s in a Name?

Before creating this account I knew I would have to come up with a blog name. Last night Unfurling Grace presented itself.  Many of my journal writings, which will be shared through this medium will all evolve, via this phrase—Unfurling Grace.

So it’s starts, or just continues maybe?  Like an evolution or spiral.  I’m now online with my thoughts.  Yikes!

I like Unfurling, rather than unfolding.  I contemplated the words for a while.  Unfold is to open or reveal from a folded or hidden position.  Unfurling is to open or unroll, like a spiral, in order to be open to ‘accept’ the wind or weather.

Grace, is a favor or blessing.  The meaning is different for each religion.  It can be the key to release us from sin or the bondage of past lifetimes.  Or maybe it’s just this lifetime? It is this gift, from within, that we receive every time we do nothing,  just surrender and  accept.  Looking back, on the last few years, I think I was physically tackled and emotional clobbered by Grace, a battle royale.  I lost, to win.

Unfurling Grace. Wow!  Setting sail in all-weather; unrolling to experience acceptance through surrender.  Tough one for this A-Type-bossy boots-on the safe side-know it all-clipboard carrying-list maker.  Thanks everyone, you know who you are– for the support over the years and for my most recent surprises.

10 Responses to About

  1. Rita says:

    Lisa, this is so beautiful, and so perfect. I am thrilled for you on your new path. Wish we lived closer so I can walk some roads with you. You are truly gifted, and truly blessed. XO Your cuz, Rita

  2. Thank you Rita. I am realizing that Facebook and WordPress will be connections and re-connections to family and friends. As much as I fought the virtual world, I think It will be great portal to reconnect.

  3. Louise Verna says:

    My amazing daughter. It’s so nice to see you grow. I’m so glad to watch you go on this new path, one I somehow knew you would.

  4. riantrunner says:

    Lisa, Your words are so eloquent, I can’t wait to read more.

  5. Welcome to the blogoverse, Lisa…

  6. lisahibberd says:

    the bolgoverse, love it. My first full day on and there’s a protest. Perfect timing!

  7. Rev says:

    Lisa: One word…..WOW!!!! Ur words r amazing, thought~provoking & memorable!!! Please keep this going, as, I will be following!!!! God bless!!! Craig “Rev” Martinelli

  8. Ronda Bailey says:

    “Looking back, on the last few years, I think I was physically tackled and emotional clobbered by GRACE, a battle royale, I lost to win.” WOW — this hit home so deep.. Reading your words, listening to your heart, your thoughts, your journey touches my heart, my thoughts and helps give voice to some of my own battles. Thank you for the courage to write them down to share.

  9. Thank you for the kind words, Ronda. I hope you enjoy the posts as well, they are coming fast and furious in my journal, I slowly post. I am taking time to review them and let them settle, before I sent them out

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